About Tri-County Animal Rescue
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About Tri-County Animal Rescue

TCAR Building

Mission Statement
Tri-County Animal Rescue is a 100% No-Kill, 501(c)3, nonprofit animal shelter working to prevent the killing of over 170,000 unwanted pets in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties each year. Since our inception, we have saved over 55,000 domestic animals from being euthanized, placing them in homes through our adoption center. We also work with several organizations, businesses, and the local school district to educate the community on animal awareness. At Tri-County Animal Rescue, we believe that every cat and dog—regardless of breed, gender, temperament, etc—deserves to live a happy and healthy life. Our mission, then, aims to shelter and provide a comfortable home for all animals placed in our facility. We consider every animal that comes to our shelter a member of our own family, loving and caring for them with the utmost respect and tenderness until we can place them in their safe, happy, forever homes.

How We Do It
Since Tri-County took over the Lullis M. Ritter animal shelter in 1996, we have had thousands of adoptions. Some of these animals had been in cages for months, but now they have a chance with a family and a loving home. Our ongoing fund raising helps to meet our animals’ needs with the best possible vet care and nutrition. Most of all, due to the efforts of our many volunteers, these dogs and cats receive lots of love and affection until they are adopted.

How You Can Help
We need YOUR continued dedication and financial support. Since we are not funded locally or federally, we rely solely on private donations to keep our shelter doors open. We desperately need your help to save these abandoned, abused and unwanted animals. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. We also need dedicated and animal-loving volunteers to help walk dogs, maintain the cat room, and assist at events and with fundraising.

Definition of the Term “No-Kill Shelter”
A true no-kill shelter must never kill an animal, except for a humane reason, such as to end pain and suffering, and must never allow the transfer of an animal from their shelter to another facility that does euthanize animals for reasons other than those mentioned in #1. To be a true no-kill shelter, the shelter must meet both criteria. Tri-County Animal Rescue meets both criteria.

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