Happy Tails
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Happy Tails

Happy Tails 

Success Stories from Tri-County Adopters.

“I adopted “Bobbi” now Sydney the Aussie mix, last September. When we adopted her she was Heartworm

positive and very timid. She is heartworm negative, and is very lively and happy with her new little brother Beau. She’s an amazing part of our little family and we love her so much! Just wanted to give you guys an update, a year and a half later!” -Kate

Update (March 2017); Adopted (September 2015)


“Just wanted to share a happy update. I adopted Jose(now Cody) at the beginning of January. He has been such a great addition to my family. He is a happy and healthy puppy and just turned 1 at the end of September.” – Randi

Update ( January 2017); Adopted (January 2016)

“Rosie, formerly know as Martina from the Myrtle litter born May 2nd, is loving her new home and just graduated from her puppy class!
Thank you Tri County for our wonderful dog!” – Wendy

Update (October 2016); Adopted (July 2016)


“(Bobcat) now Princeton was one of the rottie/St. Bernard puppies! We adopted him about a month ago and just wanted to reach out and say thank you again and that we love him so much! He has grown a ton in a month and the vet now thinks he’s a lab Shepard mix! We are attaching photos from a month ago and now! Thank you again!!! Enjoy!” – Jaclyn

Update (July 2016); Adopted (May 2016)

“We adopted Magic a black kitten and he has been such an amazing addition to our home… We are so grateful we were able to bring him into our home. He couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be happier with him. He’s such a joy in our lives! Thank you so much to all of you for matching us with such a perfect kitten!” – Caitlin

Update (April 2014); Adopted (July 2013)

“Hi I adopted Sassy in January and I just wanted to let you know that she is the most fabulous dog in the world. We have bonded since the first hour she was here. I have learned so much about her and I know there is more to come. We sleep together and she never leaves my side. Thanks so much for my little angel.” – Grace

Update (April 2014); Adopted (January 2014)

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