Dear Fellow Animal Lover,
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Dear Fellow Animal Lover,

A black and white puppy at Tri-County Animal Rescue

Tri-County Animal Rescue is entering its 21st year of saving the lives of the many voiceless animals. We are so grateful for the support you have given us in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home over 53,000 precious lives. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without you. On behalf of all of the animals saved, rescued and given the chance to live a healthy and loving life, our hearts, and theirs, are filled with gratitude, and we thank you!


a woman adopting a puppy at Tri-County Animal RecueAs the end of the year approaches, we reflect on the many challenges we faced and were able to overcome due to your help. Every year the number of lost, abandoned, surrendered, abused and neglected animals increases and we are able to save them through your donations and help. Many families suffered difficult economic times this year and were faced with the heart-wrenching decision of surrendering their beloved family pet. Thanks to Your donations we were able to ease the burden for many families by providing them with the necessary food and medical attention their pet needed.

We at Tri-County Animal Rescue, never give up on the animals in our care, whether they are diagnosed with a broken bone, disease or dental issue we go out of our way to provide the medical attention and love needed for them to recover in a nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on the quality of care and services we provide each animal due to the contributions we have received from caring, compassionate animal lovers like you. We are honored that you trust Tri-County Animal Rescue in our mission and passion to save as many lives as we can. Together, we can save them all!

We are genuinely touched when donations are received from the proceeds of a lemonade stand, birthday party or mitzvah, or when a local student group holds a special drive for their hand-made toys or baked goods. The joy and pride of helping and giving to the homeless, voiceless animals are evident in every donation, and very much appreciated. No gift is ever too small. When they are combined we are given the funds needed to save many animal lives. Your generosity allows us to treat, heal and protect the emotionally damaged and physically injured animals brought to Tri-County Animal Rescue every year as well as house the many puppies, dogs, kittens and cats in our care until we can find them the loving home and family they deserve.

As the holiday approaches, please remember to include Tri-County Animal Rescue in your plans for giving. Your year-end donation will be dedicated to our Major Emergency Medical Fund that will help us continue our life-saving rescues. We will have a beautiful ornament that will proudly hang in our shelter and recognize you as our special donor and supporter. We receive new animals on a daily basis. Some animalsA black and white puppy at Tri-County Animal Rescue need more help than others. Your donation will help us continue the important work we do hear at the shelter.

Your donation is tax-deductible and can make a great gift for your friends, family and coworkers. Please mail your tax-deductible donation to 21287 Boca Rio Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33433 or call us at 561-482-8110. If you prefer, you can make your donation on our website at

The Tri-County Animal Rescue family would like to thank you for your generosity and wish you and your family a happy, healthy Holiday Season and New Year!

Sharon DePietro, Chairman of the Board

Suzi Goldsmith, Co-Founder & Executive Director