CBS Emergency Medical Fund Live Telethon!
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CBS Emergency Medical Fund Live Telethon!



Join us on July 31st from 4:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m. as we partner with CBS Channel 12 News for a Live Telethon! Help us reach our goal of $300,000+ for our Emergency Medical Fund! The telethon number will be announced on during the telethon on CBS 12!

Our Emergency Medical Fund provides life-saving surgeries and treatments for animals in our care. Often these animals come in from deplorable conditions such as puppy mills, hoarding situations, and blatant neglect. This year alone our E.M.F. has saved 10+ lives. These dogs all came in to us from various places and all had a number of various medical ailments. With the funds in our E.M.F. we were able to save multiple lives, including Khalessi’s and  Shadow’s. We rescued Khalessi from a kill shelter when she was just a puppy. She didn’t know what love felt like, until she entered Tri-County Animal Rescue’s doors. When we were examining her we learned she had a congenital heart defect that resulted in a very high grade heart murmur. With the E.M.F. monies we were able to provide a life saving surgery when she was old enough to undergo the operation.  Shadow came to us from a high kill shelter with a 90% euthanasia rate. He lived outside day and night; regardless if it was 90 degrees out or below 40. Upon arrival at TCAR we learned he had a prolapsed anus and was riddled with parasites. It was told to us that he wouldn’t make it.  We used funds from the E.M.F. to provide life saving surgery with Palm Beach Vet Specialists. The Emergency Medical Fund enabled us to act fast and provide life saving care for the animals that came in with serious medical concerns. Without the donations we receive for the E.M.F. most of the dogs and cats would have never had a chance at the life they all so deserve. At TCAR, we stop at nothing to rehabilitate these animals, giving them a new leash on life! As a 100% no-kill shelter, we do not receive any funding to continue our mission which is why we rely on generous supporters like you!

If  you would like to donate before the telethon call the shelter at 561-482-8110

or donate through PayPal!

 Your donation helps us to save dogs like Holly. 

Holly, a 2 year old Great Dane, was rescued from a high kill shelter. We embarked on a rescue in conjunction with Animal Rescue Corps up to Tennessee and Holly traveled back to Boca Raton with us. Upon her arrival at the shelter we found that she was not only underweight but that she was also pregnant! We also found that she was riddled with heartworm. After giving birth to her litter of pups, we immediately started her on heartworm treatment giving her all of the love and care she could ever need. She waited patiently as all her puppies got adopted one by one until she found her perfect forever family!

You were born with the ability to save a life! Now is your time!


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